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ProductiveGrowth is a monthly newsletter exploring the topics of productivity, leadership, and growth through interviews, articles, and reviews of the world’s best leaders, companies, and products.

My passion is helping people achieve their dream, by being their best.

My name is Steve, founder & editor of ProductiveGrowth. Despite my lifelong struggle with A.D.D. I have learned how to be productive as an individual and as a leader. Currently, I am Head of Mobile at Asana, and in the past have been a Founder/CTO. I have been a leader at Instagram, Yahoo! and AT&T. Raised 10s of millions of dollars and sold companies to fortune 500s for millions. I have read 1000s of books, 23+ programming certifications, programmed in 12+ programming languages, and have 10 patents pending on A.I. at Instagram.

I wanted to share this with you because I am always striving to get more done. To learn how to be a better individual, entrepreneur, and leader. I am always looking for that edge, the one that can raise my game to the next level. I hope you are looking for that too.

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Love your picks on productivity topics! It's something I run short of lately due to heavy workload. Looking forward to your upcoming issue!

-Naomi P.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m already in love with your newsletter. One of the big things I harp on in my own newsletter is leadership- specifically for project managers. Again, great newsletter! Keep it up. 

-Ryan E

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Each week we answer questions like:

  • What productivity systems can you use to get more done?

  • How do you build high performing teams?

  • What templates or software can you use to make workflows easier?

  • How can you inspire and motivate yourself and others?

  • How do you become a top performer in your field?

We also share industry news about the best products and services that make work easier, let leaders lead and all of us be more productive.


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Writing about productivity, leadership, and motivation.
Engineering leader, & editor for ProductiveGrowth newsletter for leaders & entrepreneurs about achieving success through the 3Ps, productivity, personal development, & process building. Head of Mobile at Asana, former founder, Instagram, Yahoo! ...