Do you know what makes me skeptical about your post? You're showing us how it was bad in your EXPERIENCE and how it could be good in your THEORY. Makes me think, that in reality there are no win-situations in such conversations with your manager. THEORETICALLY, we have HR which should protect us, THEORETICALLY, we have whistleblowing and many other possibilities. PRACTICALLY, the manager of your manager or head of HR comes to your manager, they laugh loudly at any complaints, and in the next couple of months, you're leaving or will be fired.

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Hello! Thanks for commenting and for the feedback. I hope this clarifies a bit.

The intention was never to make you feel skeptical; I just wanted to share how a bad experience could've gone better - from the only point of view I can write from, which is mine-. I think it's possible to have good conversations with your manager (or any manager). But in case you are not able to, there should be company systems that allow you to speak up to other managers if yours cannot listen.

Regarding the second part, I'm not sure I fully understand what you meant. However, from my time working in HR, I never heard anyone in my team laugh at other employees; the intention was always to make others grow (mistakes were part of the execution). I cannot assure all HR teams are the same, probably not.

If you want to send me your story for another post, I'll be happy to share it and write from a broader perspective. Feel free to email me at camila@productivegrowth.com.

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